About Christopher Stark

When I was a kid I liked Ninja turtles, Robots, Dragon Ball Z, Lord of the Rings, all that good stuff. My dad, who is a painter, sculptor, draftsman, and calligraphist, would teach me and my brothers how to draw. We would watch, captivated with the focus and skill in which he would bring his thoughts, abstract ideas, and observations to life. By the time I was 5 or 6 I had a pretty understanding on how to draw and get my thoughts out onto paper. A couple years later I stumbled onto websites like CG talk and conceptart.org and from there I found professional artist’s that would mentor me to further my skill.

After I graduated High School, I went to the Art Institute of San Francisco and later, Vancouver Film School for Media arts and Animation. There I found my passion in Sculpting and Compositing. I graduated 2007.

Right out of College I got a job at a small company near my hometown called In-Three. There I worked my way up from a rotoscope artist, to a paint artist, to then a compositor. Years later, as this company became much larger, I would go on to eventually teach compositing in Mumbai, India, with curriculum me and my coworkers created. When I got back from India I moved to Los Angeles and got my first job in Los Angeles at Hydralux as a Flame Artist, working on films like Battle LA and Skyline. From there I started a position as Senior Compositor and Painter at Prime Focus World, working on movies like Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter. From there I worked on commercials at a company called Logan and later went on to work at Technicolor on Kung Fu Panda.